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Accessory Building Requirements

  1. Cannot be placed within five feet (5′) of back or three feet (3’) of side property line or within 10 feet (10′) of primary structure or structures.
  2. If electrical service is desired, it should be buried 18 inches (18″) deep in electrical conduit or direct burial cable. An inspection of the electrical service must be made.
  3. A final inspection must be made when shed is complete.

Applications are not complete until payment of fees associated with said application has been received.
No work should begin until the application has been completed.

All questions and/or Concerns should be directed to:


City of Jerseyville, Department of Building and Zoning
Jeff Soer
Director of Building and Zoning
115 East Prairie Street
Jerseyville, IL 62052
P: (618) 498-3312

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