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City of Jerseyville Cemetery

Metcalfe, Jack – Superintendent of Public Property

Jones, Jason – Cemetery Department Foreman

Susnig, Joe – Cemetery Department Personnel

Calvey, Steve – Cemetery Department Personnel

Chandler, Chad – Cemetery Department Personnel

Bishop, Ben – Cemetery Department Personnel

Cemetery History

Cemetery History

On January 18, 1856, The City of Jerseyville purchased a section of land now known as Oak Grove Cemetery. The land was purchased from H.L. Adams for the price of $80.00 per acre. A total of 10 acres were purchased and they were divided into 792 lots. Fifty of those lots of one section known as “Potters’ Field” was set aside for the burial of underprivileged people from the area. These 792 were the original cemetery with one entrance and dirt roads.

Only 10 sextons, or caretakers, have worked for the cemetery in the last 148 years of operation. The first person buried in the cemetery was a young woman of 45 years. Her name was Clarisse Stelle. She was buried on August 14,1856. Since then the size of the cemetery has increased to 47 acres, with a total of 9,596 people buried to date.

Points of Interest

The Soldiers Monument: Erected in 1885. The statue was added in 1891. The granite columns were received from Scotland in 1885.

The New Entrance Gate: Dedicated May 30, 1980.

Mausoleum: Though it no longer stands due to structural problems, was erected on April 8, 1915. It was removed for safety reasons in the later 1960’s and is now marked by a planted flower bed. The bodies it contained were moved to another site inside the cemetery.

The D’Arcy Monument: This monument was purchased by Dr. Edward D’Arcy for his family plot. It was hauled in to the cemetery by horses pulling wagons from Alton, IL. This monument was one of the more elaborate and expensive monuments of it time along with the following. Abijah Davis, William D. Landon, William B. Smith, Dr. Asa Snell, George W. Kirby, Valentine Villinge.

Maintenance Guidelines

1. The following rules are established in order that the maintenance of the cemetery can be done with the least interference.

2. No tin cans, glassware or markers, other than stone or marble shall be placed on the lots, except hanging baskets will be allowed if that meet the following requirements:

a. All rods must be at least one-half inch, with reinforcement wing in the ground.

b. Rod must be on the backside of the stone, with the basket hanging above the stone

c. Anything not meeting these specifications will be removed and can be recovered at the office.

3. No wire, nails, or metal of any kind are to be placed in the cemetery except for metal plaques properly erected by veterans’ organizations.

4. No holes are to be dug in graves for flowerpots or containers for cut or artificial flowers.

5. All Christmas decorations placed on the ground after October 15th, will be picked up March 1st. The Superintendent of Public Property has the sole discretion to remove any floral display that becomes unattractive or uncared for. All decorations placed in cemetery after March 1stmust be placed on stones or in vases or urns, until two weeks before Memorial Day. All decorations on the ground after Memorial Day will be removed June 10th. No more decorations may be placed on the ground until October 15th.

6. Urns not maintained will be removed.

7. Flags will be allowed to be displayed the entire year if properly maintained. Proper maintaining is defined as placing the flag as close to the stone as possible and keeping the flag presentable, being not faded, ripped or torn. During Memorial Holiday, personal flags are not to be placed in the veteran holders so as to not interfere with the placement and removal of the flags owned by that veteran organization

Lot Fees Resident and Non-Resident

Section D, E, F & Darr Addition
1. 1 grave – $600
2. 4 grave s- $2100
3. 6 graves – $3100

Grave Openings Resident and Non-Resident
i. Cremation – $300; $400 on weekends and holidays
ii. Child – $300; $400 on weekends and holidays
iii. Adults Before 3p.m. – $600; After 3p.m. – $700; $700 on weekends and holidays

City of Jerseyville Cemetery Department
801 East Spruce Street
Jerseyville Illinois 62052
Phone: (618) 498-5436
Phone: (618) 410-7637
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.