Confirm Current Zoning

Confirm Current Zoning

Please click on the photo/map below to access our interactive online zoning map for the City of Jerseyville. This zoning map, effective as of 1-1-19, was approved by the City Council on 8-27-19 during a regular meeting.

Additional Updates

Listed below are properties brought before both the Zoning Board and the City Council for approval after the effective date. These properties will be added to this map during the next correction and update. Please check the list before looking on the online map to ensure that you have the most up to date information about the zoning in Jerseyville and the 1.5 miles surrounding the City. If you have questions about descriptions of the zoning classifications Please follow the link below.

Ord # – Parcel ID – Physical Address if available – Date of Approval – Zoning Change

ORD 1740 – 04-875-009-10 – 933 S. State St. – 2/26/19 – B-3 w/Special use for Alcohol

ORD 1741 – 04-661-001-00 – 901 State Hwy 109 – 3/26/19 – Variance 17’ for Addition

ORD 1742 – 04-737-001-00 – 309 N. State St. – 4/23/19 – B-3 w/Special use for Alcohol

Please see the City of Jerseyville Code for questions concerning descriptions of the City of Jerseyville Zoning Classifications.
Title 11 – Zoning Regulations

If you have additional questions please contact:

Department of Building and Zoning
115 East Prairie Street
Jerseyville, IL 62052
P: (618) 498-3312

Please have the legal address; subdivision, lot, and block; and closest Cross streets of said land so that an accurate evaluation of the property can be made. Further information may be required.