Mayor's Newsletter

Invitation for Public Input

Invitation to the Public

The public is invited to participate in the update of the 2016 Multi-jurisdictional Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan.  Jersey County has contracted with Two Rivers Emergency, LLC for the update and is planning future meetings to provide a forum for public input.  For more information contact the Code Office at 618-498-5571 Ext 146.

The Jersey County Code Administration Office is finalizing its Hazard Mitigation Plan draft prior to submission to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency and FEMA for review and approval. The plan assesses natural hazards’ risks and vulnerabilities to the county, its municipalities, and school district. It provides recommendations to increase their hazard resiliency and reduce risk. In doing so, these actions aim to protect property and those who reside within the county.

Due to current conditions, the draft plan will not be available for viewing in person, but is instead available online in PDF format at: We invite you to take the next two weeks to review the draft, provide any input you may have, or ask any related questions. Please direct all inquiries to: