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Press Release Jerseyville to begin major roadway project


Jerseyville Nearing Construction on Major Roadway Project

Hollow Avenue Roadway Improvements Phase 1

Jerseyville, Illinois

The City of Jerseyville received $1,000,000 in grant funding from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for improvements to Hollow Avenue, as part of FHWA’s Accelerated Innovation Deployment (AID) funding initiative, and one of only ten projects awarded in the United States for that grant cycle.

As part of the City’s long-term Capital Improvement Plan, the safe and efficient movement of residential and commercial traffic are key priorities. The Hollow Avenue improvement project involves reconstructing an old, deteriorated asphalt roadway with a modern compacted concrete pavement including curb-and-gutter and related subgrade improvements, widening, storm sewer/drainage improvements, and the addition of an ADA-compliant sidewalk extension.

These improvements will enhance safety for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The compacted concrete pavement allows for lower cost of installation and a faster construction delivery schedule, while providing a high strength pavement with a long-term wearing surface.

The project limits extend from Baxter Avenue to North Hickory Street.

According to Nick Bexheti, Commissioner of Streets and Public Improvements “This project is critical to residential and school bus traffic in the region, as well as work commuters. The addition of sidewalks in this area is also important to the residents along Hollow Avenue and nearby neighborhoods.”

Right-of-way and easement acquisition is currently being completed, with an IDOT Letting expected in June, and a construction start-date planned for this August. Jerseyville’s long-term goal is to improve Hollow Avenue further west to its City Limits, near Waggoner Drive.

This has been a busy time for the City street department.

The City recently submitted another grant application requesting over $900,000 from IDOT’s competitive Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program.

These funds would be used for proposed sidewalk/crossing/safety improvements in the vicinity of Illinois Highway 109 and Essex Street, enhancing pedestrian and ADA accessibility and connectivity in the southeast region of the City to several major destinations – Illini Middle School and sports complex, Jersey County Health Department, apartment and assisted living complexes, and the commercial complex in that area.

There are severe limitations to pedestrian mobility in this portion of town. The City is working with the Illinois Department of Transportation on a high-visibility crosswalk and other related safety improvements across Illinois Highway 109.

Bexheti noted that “The City has received lots of interest from residents and visitors to find more efficient ways to get back-and-forth in this portion of town. I am thankful that the Mayor and other Council members have been supportive of this project.”

Kevin Stork, Commissioner of Accounts and Finance added “Both the Hollow Avenue improvements and the 109/Essex mobility project will be welcome safety improvements for the City. The possibility of helping our businesses with increased foot traffic is an added benefit.”