HR Job Posting Mayor's Newsletter

Now Hiring: Director of Tourism and Community Development

Job Summary:

Serves as lead tourism and community development professional for the City, providing labor and administration in managing/maintaining/improving a comprehensive city-wide tourism and community development strategy and program to promote the City and to stimulate economic development, and related marketing, event coordination, and policies/procedures. A variety of routine and detailed work will be necessary in planning and implementing all phases of tourism and community development to effectively serve the community. Appointed by the Mayor, and serves at the pleasure of the Jerseyville City Council. Responsibilities include budgeting, human resource management, and prioritization of citywide tourism/community development activities; coordination with the City Council and multiple City department heads; assisting other City departments as needed; as well as planning, coordination/scheduling, supervision of staff, and interaction with residents, tourism/community development professionals, civic groups, and vendors. Listed below is a brief description of major duties covered by the department, which is not all-inclusive. As the holdings of the City expand and/or City priorities change, additional work may be assigned to this department.

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Executive head of the Department, and final authority on all matters of policy, operations, and discipline, subject to the rules and regulations of the City Council. Supervise, regulate, and manage the Department.
  2. Tourism — develop and maintain an annual tourism strategy and program for the City, and manage its impacts to the City, including but not limited to: collaborate/network with local civic and business organizations, local business owners, governmental agencies, and other stakeholders to increase/manage tourism within the City; update and maintain the Explore Jerseyville app and Facebook page, tourism map, and website; develop links/lists on the app to aid individuals in navigating the amenities within the City; coordinate with City staff and outside individuals/groups on events, and related event promotion; solicit bands, local food options, and related activities, and coordinate with local businesses for the annual Rock the Block Concert Series; coordinate with Great Rivers & Routes and other regional organizations to promote City events and assets; coordinate updates to City website and links to other regional tourism organizations, including updated photos of city amenities and activities; coordinate placement of City signage on private/public properties related to event promotion; coordinate with Jersey County on tourism funding requests; be active in recruitment activities for event partners; serve as primary City liaison with Downtown Country Christmas Festival and assist with Christmas decorating at multiple sites; coordinate with City parks/rec department and assist with

promotion of events/tournaments; coordinate EventBright and Constant Contact needs for City programs; develop new large-scale events in the downtown/City Center area to increase visitation at local businesses.

  1. Community Development – develop and maintain an annual community development program for the City to foster a strong and active community, including but not limited to: serve as primary City liaison with the Jersey County Business Association (JCBA) including routine attendance at its monthly meetings and special meetings/functions as the official representative of the City; assist JC.BA with events/community development activities, as requested; assist Jersey County with community development events/activities; serve as primary City liaison with outside economic development agencies and groups; coordinate with City staff and outside individuals/groups on events, and related event promotion; coordinate updates to City website and links to other regional community development organizations, including updated photos of city amenities and activities; coordinate placement of City signage on private/public properties related to event promotion; coordinate signage/hardware/graphics with the Jersey County Historical Society as related to its historical walking tour/signs within the City; serve as primary City liaison with the Jersey County Arts Council, the Jerseyville “shop local” group, and the local farmer’s market group; coordinate with Jerseyville Public Library and assist with promotion of events; participate in ribbon cuttings for local businesses.
  2. Marketing/Brand Development — develop/maintain overall City marketing message, advertising, and media/public relations strategies and tactics; marl<et and promote the City as a destination; take photos and share timely information regarding events and attributes of the City; coordinate with vendors utilized by the City to generally promote the City and its assets; attend training as needed related to marketing, website development, and other promotional activities; write media notices for City-sponsored events and upload to City website and Facebook page; create ads for events for the City as well as outside entities; design of various City marketing/promotional materials; coordination with local graphics vendors.
  3. City Center Management Activities — primary point-of-contact for individual/group requests for use of City properties within City Center, including coordinating the requirements of the City rental agreements for various City properties and facilitating approvals with the City Council, as well as creation of/revisions to the rental agreement documents; manage the Objective and Key Results (OKR’s) provisions of the City Center Master Plan document and serve as the “Master Plan Designee”; coordination with public works department on conceptual development and visual details/aspects of projects to ensure consistency with overall City Center plan; coordination with City Council, City Hali staff, police/fire, and public works for assistance needed with City and outside events; coordination with PGAV and other planning professionals including tracking of post-event visitor numbers and creation/tracking of post-event visitor surveys; responsible for operations/maintenance of the City Center Park kiosk, and uploading graphics/notices from various City departments; responsible for operations/maintenance/troubleshooting of the City Center Park EV charging stations and related coordination/updates with Tesla, and management of the Tile account; update and maintain the Facebook page and website; coordinate design/ordering of artwork for the exterior of the City Center dumpster enclosure; coordinate concept/visual aspects and ordering of plants/flowers/landscaping, Christmas and other seasonal decorations, banners, signage, and other items associated with downtown beautification within City Center, including the State Street corridor, City parks, City parking lots, and the City Hall/JPD/JFD complex, and associated coordination with outside vendors; maintain and coordinate refurbishment/replacement needs for City welcome signs (currently at 5 locations).
  4. Corridor 67 — assist William Russell, current President of Corridor 67 group, with tasks as requested.
  5. Vine Street Facility/Equipment Management — lead City staff member for management of the City tourism trailer and tourism equipment/items typically stored at the Vine Street facility, as well as lending/ borrowing of any equipment/ items to other City departments and non-City entities.
  6. Facebook Administrator — administrator for various City Facebook profiles, including but not limited to City of Jerseyville, Jerseyville Police Department and Dispatch, Backstoppers of Jersey County, JPD TEENS program. Create and manage social media content, as needed.
  7. Grant Funding — search for federal/state/local grant opportunities related to City tourism, community development, downtown/streetscape re-development, etc., and assist grant-writers and other City staff members with providing City information and support data needed for grant applications.
  8. Legal Matters – Coordinate with City Attorney regarding all contractual, rental, and legal matters related to vendors, contractors, suppliers, events, and City properties.
  9. Jerseyville Economic Development Council, Inc. — Handle tasks on loan to JEDC as assigned by the Mayor.
  10. Assists other City departments on both routine and special projects and events/festivals, as needed, including but not limited to City Clerk/City Hall staff, police department, building/zoning department, parks/recreation department, and public works department.
  11. Document and evaluate programs and activities upon completion and make recommendations to continue, cancel, or redevelop programs and activities. Prepare and maintain an annual “work plan” document of department activities for review by the City Council.
  12. Take an annual inventory on equipment, and propose new equipment needs to the Mayor.
  13. Monitor department expenditures and coordinate annually with Commissioner of Accounts and Finance in regard to department budget.
  14. Represent the City and speak before clubs and groups on tourism/community development topics.
  15. Attend and participate in City Council meetings, as needed, to present requests, information, and updates.
  16. Attend training sessions as needed to stay current with regulations and best/evolving practices in the tourism and community development fields.
  17. Plan, coordinate, direct, and oversee setup/tear-down activities for City events, and related coordination with both City staff and contractors/vendors.
  18. Maintain constant positive, informational community relations contact with City residents and visitors during normal working hours and after hours, via phone, email, and in-person meetings.
  19. Coordination with third-party contractors, material suppliers, equipment dealers, and related vendors; as well as landowners, residents, and visitors.
  20. Perform complicated tasks personally and/or assign work tasks to properly trained City staff and contractors/vendors.
  21. Responsible for proper security and safety of event spaces at all times.
  22. Availability for receiving phone calls, texts, emails, and in-person meetings from the public, City staff, City elected officials, City emergency responders, and contractors/vendors, both during and after regular working hours.
  23. Coordinate local road/lane closure requests, and related notification of residents, emergency services, CUSD 100, and other affected groups, as needed for events.
  24. Communicate/cooperate with supervisors, co-workers, the public, and City contractors/vendors; and follow written/oral instructions.
  25. Work independently with minimal supervision, as well as in a team environment.
  26. Work outdoors and/or indoors.
  27. Work beyond normal business hours, as needed.
  28. Adhere to all provisions of the current version of the City’s Personnel Policy Manual.
  29. Adhere to all provisions of the current version of the City’s Drug and Alcohol policy.
  30. Perform other duties as assigned in the normal course of work by Supervisor(s), Mayor, and/or Council Member(s).

Job Qualifications — Required:

  1. High school diploma, or GED equivalent.
  2. Valid Illinois Driver’s License.
  3. Attention to detail and excellent organizational skills.
  4. Ability to manage multiple actions/projects simultaneously.
  5. Sound judgment and problem-solving skills.
  6. Demonstrated commitment to customer service and exceptional follow-through.
  7. Ability to recommend and implement goals, objectives, and practices for providing effective and efficient implementation of both short-range and long-range planning activities.
  8. Demonstrated PC skills — working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher, as well as social media (Facebook, etc.).
  9. Ability to use the internet as a research tool.
  10. Must be physically capable of traversing rough terrain.
  11. Must be physically capable of working outdoors in heat/cold extremes and windy conditions, as well as indoors in heat and humidity extremes.
  12. Must be tolerable of noisy environment, dust, fumes, odors, etc.
  13. Must be able to lift/carry twenty-five (25) lbs.
  14. Must be able to maintain confidentiality regarding resident/visitor information, business information, and event planning/vendor information.

Job Qualifications — Preferred:

  1. A degree in marketing, tourism/community development, or related field; or a minimum of three (3) years of marketing and/or tourism/community development experience, or other experience relevant to department.
  2. Experience with congressional/political outreach, project assistance, and meetings.
  3. Experience with economic development and related coordination with businesses of all types/sizes.
  4. Experience with website development/maintenance.