City Council

City Council

Mayor’s Newsletter

Mayor Kevin Stork

John Miles

Steve Pohlman

Zach Crawford

Tony Steckel

William Strang

Boards and Committees

Board of Fire & Police Commisioners
Dean Bishop, Alan Karcher, Tony Steckel

Library Board
Ruth Ficker, Helen Gubser, Kent Hake, Juan Lingow, Michelle Lyons, Scott Peabody, Gerald Schleper, Beth Smilack, Andy Thomas

Fire Fighter Pension Board
Christopher Collins, Reid Taylor

Planning and Zoning Board
Kenneth Breden, Don Breitweiser, James Frazier, Jeff Heitzig, Dean Long, Sarah Norman, Eric Pointer

Police Pension Board
Mary Kirbach, Gary Kallal, Amy Turman, Scott Woelfel

TIF Advisory Committee
Julie Brangenburg, Carl Crawford, Tony Heitzig, William Russell, Jeff Soer, Thomas Woelfel

Jerseyville Economic Development Council
William Russell, Jeff Soer, William Strang, Alan Karcher, James Hoefert, Sandy Hefner, Toni Heitzig, Tim Carr

City Council Agendas

City Council
Meeting Minutes