Pool Requirements

Pool Requirements

  1. Any swimming pool deeper than 24 inches (24″) has to comply with chapter 41 of the 2006 I.R.C. Code.
  2. Pool shall not be located in any front yard.
  3. All above ground pools which are over 24 inches (24″) in depth or greater shall be enclosed around the perimeter of the pool by means of a barrier or fence four feet (4′) in height or greater. In ground pools must have a barrier of at least four feet (4′) in height. Any openings in the barrier shall not be greater than four inches (4″).
  4. Where a four-foot (4′) above ground pool structure is used as the barrier the entire perimeter shall have that four-foot (4′) barrier. All ladders must either be removable or retractable with the ability to be locked in the up position. Any permanent deck or fence used as a barrier shall have a self-closing gate that locks.
  5. Electrical connections to operate pool-filtering systems must be ground fault protected. Wiring from power source to operate electrical equipment for pool must be installed in electrical conduit or cable designed and approved for direct burial. All of these methods shall be buried to a minimum depth of 18 inches (18”) below grade.
  6. In ground Pools: Call when electrical work is completed but not buried.

All Pools: Call when completed for final inspection.

Final inspections will not be approved until fence or barrier is also installed.

Applications are not complete until payment of fees associated with said application has been received.
No work should begin until the application has been completed.

All questions and/or concerns should be directed to:

City of Jerseyville
Department of Building and Zoning
Jeff Soer
Director of Building and Zoning
115 East Prairie Street
Jerseyville, IL 62052
P: (618) 498-3312
E: jeffsoer@jerseyville-il.us