Secure a Limited Permit

Secure a Limited Permit

A Limited Permit is needed for construction of a accessory building (larger than 10 sq. ft.); electric service upgrade; fence; deck; carport without walls; gazebo; demolition; etc. A $25 permit fee is charged.

Group of Limited
Building Permit

U – Accessory Buildings, Pool, Deck, Fence, Covered Patios, Covered Porch, Demolition,
Carport (Completely Open), Gazebo, Reroofing, etc.

Please see the City of Jerseyville Code for questions concerning descriptions and requirements of City Building Regulations.

Title 10 – Building Regulations


Compliance with all applicable City of Jerseyville Codes.

Where applicable, sketch of improvement referencing location, size and distance from property lines shall be provided.

Notify Building and Zoning Department for inspections as improvement progresses.

Limited Building
Permit Fee


Building Permits are Non-refundable.

Limited Building
Permit Application

Notify Building & Zoning Department for inspections. 

48 hours notice is required.

Please fill out the form to begin the process. Please use Adobe Reader or Acrobat Pro. After you have completed the form, save the pdf and email it to

Applications are not complete until payment of fees associated with said application has been received.

No work should begin until the application has been completed.

Building permits for the City of Jerseyville must be electronically filled out, handwritten permits will not be accepted.

This can be done at home and printed, or by using the kiosk at City Hall.

All questions and/or Concerns should be directed to:

City of Jerseyville
Department of Building and Zoning
Jeff Soer
Director of Building and Zoning
115 East Prairie Street
Jerseyville, IL 62052
P: 618.498.3312